CombaTerra Ready for Launch

London ready" to launch - 2 March 2018
CombaTerra today announced that it had concluded a number of important strategic partnerships, prior to the launch of Europe's leading MMA Championship series, which is scheduled to debut during 2018

A leading London based innovative design and multi media agency will oversee all design work for the championship and in a separate agreement, creative agencies Meanwhile and World of Initials will be advising CombaTerra on brand strategy and communications.

Clearbrook Capital Partners are also working with CombaTerra in a financial advisory capacity.

Guy Trezona, Co Founder of CombaTerra commented, “We believe that this is a hugely exciting time in combat sports, and particularly in Mixed Martial Arts, which has seen unprecedented growth in the USA, where it is now the fastest growing sport in the country. We have also seen similar growth in many other markets around the world.”

Co founder Koulla Kakoulli added. “When we created the concept of CombaTerra, we felt that it was important for us to have a championship that took the sport back to its ancient gladiatorial roots. The venues across the Mediterranean region, including bullrings, ancient hippodromes and amphitheatres are a perfect setting for the tournaments and also for broadcasters and spectators.”

“The championship will uniquely give MMA spectators and fans the opportunity of seeing top class MMA events, in unique locations, and also the opportunity to enjoy a weekend in the Mediterranean.”

The championship, which will be fully-funded, aims to bring together the best MMA fighters from across the whole of Europe, The Middle East, Asia and the Americas, to engage in martial arts combat, in unique open air venues.

Four, three-day tournaments will be held annually from the selected Mediterranean countries of Portugal, Spain, Italy, Croatia, Greece & Cyprus. The locations for each Tournament will range from bullrings & ancient hippodromes to amphitheatres and a crusader castle.

Each tournament will take place in a natural setting to bring back the noble and primal nature of combat in these original and inspiring places.

An additional invitational tournament will also take place once a year in London, with the initial launch event taking place in 2018 at a prestigious London venue to be announced in due course.