CombaTerra - The Format

Each year CombaTerra® & their sponsors will organise, promote and manage the four, two-day MMA Tournaments, together with entertainment and exhibitions. All will take place in separate & unique locations within the Mediterranean area.

The CombaTerra® Championship will consist of Four weight divisions: Welterweight, Middleweight, Light Heavyweight & Heavyweight from which only Two weight classes will fight in each Tournament. Professional MatchMakers will select fighters for each Tournament.

Day 1 of each Tournament will be for elimination fights, consisting of 16 fighters in the two weight divisions. Each fighter will be paid appearance fees, and provided with travel and hotel accommodation.

Day 2 will then feature the four winners of each weight class fighting first in semi-final bouts, and then the two winners coming together in a final bout to decide the champion - all within a 4 hour period.

All fights will take place in a standard international unmodified Octagon cage with two entry gates known as the “Gladitorium®". The elimination and semi-final fights will consist of 3 x 5 minute rounds. The final will be over 5 x 5 minute rounds to produce the Tournament Champion for each weight division.

Each Tournament will be fully sanctioned by the relevant national sports association, and will have recognised professional medical, media, security and referees in attendance. The fights will all be governed under the Unified Rules of MMA as issued by the State of New Jersey, USA. Additionally scoring shall always be conducted under the 10 points must system.

The CombaTerra® Championship will award significant prize money to Tournament Champions. Prize money will also go to the elected 'Fight of the Night', 'Submission of the Night', and 'KO of the Night' categories.

Additionally, at each CombaTerra® event, “one off” MMA fights in Veterans and Women's classes will be staged, together with exhibitions of Body Building, Fitness Training and Arm Wrestling.

Totally unique entertainment will also be planned for every Tournament.