CombaTerra - The Championship

Inspired by the exploits of fighters from ancient Greece, and the gladiators who fought for honour and reward across the Mediterranean in Roman times, CombaTerra® has been created as a new All Power - Full Contact European Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Championship launching in 2018.

CombaTerra® is fully funded with an increasing list of commercial & professional partners. Our mission is to deliver a complete mix of top quality MMA fighting together with grand “Fellini style” entertainment and exhibition sports. Each CombaTerra® event will be unique, televised live, and also streamed online Internationally.

The Championship aims to bring together the best MMA fighters from across the whole of Europe, The Middle East, Asia and the Americas, to engage in combat in unique open air venues.

Four, 3-day Tournaments will be held annually from the selected countries of Portugal, Spain, Italy, Croatia, Greece & Cyprus. The locations for each Tournament will range from bullrings & ancient hippodromes to amphitheatres and a crusader castle. Each tournament will take place in a natural setting to bring back the noble and primal nature of combat in these original and inspiring places, which will elevate and illuminate each bout.

An additional invitational Tournament will also take place once every year in London.

From each Tournament a CombaTerra® Champion will emerge in individual weight classes, and at the end of each year, one Champion will be declared supreme. He will be CombaTerra.