All Power - Full Contact

The term 'All Power' comes from the Greek word paŋkrátion, literally meaning "all powers" from (pan-) "all" and (kratos) "strength, power".

Martial Arts were introduced into the Greek Olympic Games in 648 BC. Just as in the other combat sports, umpires stood ready to punish offenders. All holds from wrestling and blows from boxing could be used. The danger of getting wounded was nevertheless smaller than with boxing, because the fighters normally didn’t wear hard gloves.

As with wrestling, there were two forms: upright combat in which you lost upon touching the ground three times and ground combat in which you could fight on the ground and lost only by submission. The first form was mostly used in training and preparatory matches, the second form in the games.

3rd Century BC Greek statue depicting hand-to-hand combat

Martial arts was the favourite sport of the spectators. At the prize-games, the winning fighter received the highest prize-money of all the winners, except for the winners of the equestrian events.

The Greeks regarded it as the ultimate test in strength and technique, so it was clearly more than brute force.

In 648 BC, the martial arts fights were introduced at Olympia.

A new style of 'All Power - Full Contact' fighting is currently being developed which will be known as 'CombaTerraTM'.